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Assistant in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    An assistant in a dream is a harbinger of financial gains as well as hard work, which will bear abundant fruit over time. Dream usually has a positive meaning, heralds numerous successes, and is also a harbinger of good relations with one's own environment. In a negative sense, it may herald a stagnation in business.
    When you see your assistant in a dream, it is a sign that your enemy is just waiting to use you for their evil purposes.
    If you are someone's assistant, then the dream is a warning to watch out for people who talk too often about their loyalty to you.
    When you dream that you are applying for the position of an assistant, it is usually a sign of hard work on someone else's account. Remember that it will be difficult for you to succeed in life if you do not summon the courage to go your own ways.
    An assistant director in dreams sends a message that it will be difficult for you to make your dreams come true while still standing in someone's shadow.
    If the assistant is rude, it means that you will experience a conflict of interest between what you want in life and what other people will require of you.

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