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Bag in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream about a bag indicates moments of reflection on your own life, you need to rest and think in what direction it should go. In the case of women, a dream means finding faith your own strength and the announcement of a romantic relationship. The contents of the bag may refer to our experiences or feelings.
    see the bag - if you do not start looking after your own affairs your enemies will gladly do it for you
    carry the bag - you will have a chance for a promotion, but you will not be the number one employee in your environment for a long time
    lose the bag - you will have a few days of worry, but after this time you will completely shake off everything
    find the bag - your efforts will make it easy for you to buy the favors of the tyrant whom you can tame
    a torn or dirty bag - means financial problems that can destroy your rtnerskie relations
    travel bag - you are surrounded by envious people who will always find your success unsuitable
    damaged bag - wrong you will set your priorities
    golden bag - as always, you want to be in the spotlight but this time someone will spoil your plans and bring you down to earth
    red bag - means a chance for a fleeting romance or a crazy adventure.

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