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Aspirin in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Aspirin in a dream usually symbolizes rumors and mockery directed at the dreamer, it is a sign of looking for a cure for life's troubles and internal anxieties, it portends various types of troubles also in emotional matters. Sometimes it can bode well for health problems or chronic diseases. Aspirin is a cure for physical pain, a panacea for human suffering, whether it is permanent or intermittent.
    If you see aspirin in a dream, then it is an omen of bad times and numerous problems and worries in the near future.
    Buying it in a pharmacy heralds little prospect of achieving the desired goals or foreshadows health problems.
    Taking an aspirin in a dream means that someone will be very grateful to you for showing him the grace and compassion he needs.
    When you dream that you are giving someone an aspirin it is a sign that a whole range of new possibilities will appear before you, if you choose wisely your life will finally take off.
    Biting aspirin in your sleep means that you will turn one big trouble into many small problems that will also cause you anxiety and become a cause of health problems.
    A dream about an aspirin overdose bodes well for many dilemmas, stagnation and brooding around your own ailments. Dream can also be a sign of lack of willpower, lack of acceptance, and low self-esteem.

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