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Camera in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A camera in a dream reflects a strong attachment to the past. A dream can also refer to a specific situation that disturbs us on a daily basis.
    see - leave the past behind, do not go back to the choices already made
    use it - focus on the set goals and don't let that something affect your original assumptions because you will not achieve the goals you set
    to be recorded by camera - someone very clever will start to imitate your achievements and successes
    not being able to find it - concentrate more on your current tasks
    broken camera - you ignore a problem that is constantly growing
    change camera settings - you should change your attitude or look at a problem from a different perspective, maybe this way you will find a solution to your problems
    be in a hidden camera - you are afraid of being criticized by the environment, to feel better you should work on your own self-esteem.

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