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Ash tree in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The ash appearing in dreams is a symbol of stability, protection, unity as well as solidarity and union with the people around you. A dream can also be a sign that there is someone in your closest circle who will provide you with a peaceful life and give you a sense of security. It is worth mentioning that trees in dreams are usually a symbol of life and the willingness to face the reality that surrounds us.
    When you see an ash tree in a dream, it means that someone with authority will offer you stability and security, and protection against possible harm.
    If you dream of a small ash tree growing in your garden, then it means that you will seek advice from a wise person who will help you in carrying out a certain undertaking.
    When you cut an ash tree in a dream, according to the oldest dream books it is a warning against quarrels and deterioration of mutual relations with family and friends.
    When you dream that other people are cutting an ash tree, it is a sign that you try to have a positive attitude to life and maintain relative peace in critical situations in your life.
    A withered ash tree in a dream is an announcement that you will spend your money in a very reckless way, use it for fruitless endeavors, which you will later regret.
    Ash growing in the wilderness is a sign of a move, and it also cautions you against advice you give to others that will adversely affect the achievement of what you plan.

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