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    The smell in the dream is related to our perception and intuition. Dream can represent the experiences and feelings that we associate with a given fragrance. Smells in dreams are related to proper sense evaluation, and thus with the inner feelings of the dreamer, they can be a sign of specific experiences or events in life. Soothing and mild fragrances usually refer to a good experience.
    A pleasant smell in a dream is a sign of satisfaction with life, profits, friends and past achievements, portends joy and happiness.
    When you dream of an unpleasant odor, it is not a good sign, it can portend dishonesty and disloyalty that will begin to disturb your life over time. If your instincts tell you something bad is going to happen, you better listen to it.
    The smell of perfume in a dream is a sign of luxury and pride. If you are sprinkled with perfume and the fragrance is strong, it is a sign of good friendship. The pleasant smell of perfume is a sign of pleasant moments, while its unpleasant smell symbolizes sadness and lack of joy in the relationship.
    If you lose your sense of smell in your dream, then you should be careful because your worst enemies will soon start following in your footsteps.
    If you inhale a sweet and stunning scent, it is a sign that you will meet a nice woman, but you will also start to achieve financial success, no matter what, from now on, your life will be better and better.
    The scent of flowers is a positive omen that augurs a lot of joy in life, it is a sign of new love.
    The smell of cigarettes shows that you are trying to hide from your emotions, and you cannot resist a certain temptation that you really want. Your dream also means that you are in a toxic relationship that should end soon.
    When you dream of the smell of feces, it means that because of an overly ambitious person you will have a lot of trouble in your life.
    The smell of money indicates an overly materialistic attitude to which you completely surrender your life, if you do not change, sooner or later you will be completely alone.
    When you dream of the smell of sweat, you can expect your efforts to be futile, so before you do any work, think carefully about whether it makes more sense.
    A dream with a scent of herbs usually prompts the dreamer to undertake work, the fruits of which will make him feel enormous satisfaction.
    The choking smell in a dream is a warning against a trick from an opponent who envies you everything, a dream is a warning not to reveal too many secrets about yourself, because they can be used by your rivals at the least expected moment.
    If you dream about the scent of vanilla, it is a sign of a new love that will appear as soon as it ends, so before giving your heart to someone else, think carefully about whether they are the right person, because breaking up may cause unnecessary suffering and pain.
    If you are dreaming of the smell of gas you should prepare for a hard time in your life, you will have to make a number of difficult decisions that you have never dealt with before. It will only be up to you whether you will get out of the situation that your fate will give you.
    The smell of urine in a dream portends numerous difficulties in making the right decisions in life. Dream can also signal health problems, so you should think about carrying out the necessary tests to assess the necessary health parameters of your own body.
    If you smell smoke in a dream, it is a sign that someone will act to your detriment, so if you do not want to be harmed, you must constantly be on guard because your worst enemies never sleep.
    A dream about smell of burning is a harbinger of unpleasant experiences in life, you better watch out, because you can also deal with sneaky people who do not wish you the best and are just waiting for you to take another wrong step.
    A dream with the smell of a corpse sends a message to be careful about your own health and the health of the people you love, it is likely that someone close to you will be seriously ill.

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