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Arm in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The arm in a dream indicates the caring side of human nature. The right arm symbolizes male energy, while the left arm is associated with caring and caring and represents feminine features. in a dream, more than two arms indicate an open mind and acceptance of the present life. The arms also portend new challenges and struggles in life.
    dreaming of your own arm - awaiting you with arduous but satisfying work
    see someone's arm - someone important will help you and infect you with enthusiasm for work
    animal's arm - you will be very helpless in relations with a friend
    cry on someone else's shoulder - a dream expresses the need for support and comfort in concern
    if someone else cries on your shoulder - you feel compassion for someone
    a wounded arm - you always put yourself in the background instead of d take good care of yourself from time to time
    broken - you will fall apart with your friend and you will regret it very much
    pick them up - you do not have the courage to make independent decisions because someone is constantly manipulating you
    to have a strong arm - you will approach a certain matter responsibly for which you will gain recognition from a respected man
    be hairy - you will achieve financial success in a short time
    shrinking arm - you will quickly come to the conclusion that someone is limiting you in life and you will want to shorten it
    to pull someone's arm - someone will push you out of balance but you do not dare to pay attention to him.
    An arm in a dream as an expression of care for others people:
    You try to be a support for many people. Remember that when you take care of everyone, you have to arm yourself with a protective armor that will protect you and allow you to fight the adversities. You should be more resolute and brave in your relations with other people, because your arms can herald your resignation from your desires for the benefit of other people.
    You can reach people very easily, you have no problem with general communication and communication . However, you tend to hide and express your feelings clearly. Therefore, it is in dreams that you react very violently to your waking life.

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