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Applicant in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream trainee is a symbol of broad development prospects, working at attitudes and all ambition. Sleep can mean a willingness to make changes to your current life status, both personally and professionally.
    If you meet a trainee in a dream, it is a sign that new facts on a certain matter will become extremely important to you, perhaps finally you will manage to put together all the pieces of the puzzle that has been a mystery to you so far.
    The dream of filling out an application form is a warning to watch out for expenses, usually spells financial problems.
    When you dream of examining a trainee, it is a sign that you are going to be a bit loud before explaining your behavior.
    An applicant for the position of a lawyer is a sign that you will be responsible for someone else's fault, even though you did not participate in them. Consider, then, whether it is worth sticking your neck out for those whose actions leave a lot to be desired.
    If you are a dream applicant then you can expect your career problems to finally end, perhaps receive an unplanned promotion or a substantial raise.
    Applying for an important position is a sign that you will take a successful fight against your competitors who threaten your current professional position.

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