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Animal in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

Animals in a dream can symbolize uncontrollable and uncivilized aspects of themselves.

Pets on a white background

see the animal - do not let run the enemy and you won't wait long for profits

fight with animals - you will face adversities, which will not be as bad as you think

dead animal - you will change your attitude towards a certain human

to be an animal - you will start to have various doubts about some important issue for you

feed the animal - you will finally start to derive enormous satisfaction from your life

injured animal - sleep warns against possible extortion or deception

young animals - it is high time to finally grow up

wild animal - you will encounter great difficulties in life

domestic - you should accept s your weaknesses instead of fighting them

tame the animal - you will make a dubious profit

tamed animal - a dream warns of a possible trick in life

many wild and tame animals - some things that have been so reluctant now will gain momentum

animals speaking with a human voice - watch out because some people can run you in an important case.

a stuffed animal hanging on the wall - it promises an improvement in the economic situation; alternatively sleep means you are worrying in vain.

For a more detailed sleep analysis see also the interpretation of the specific animal.

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