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Nickname in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The nickname in a dream is a symbol of inner uncertainty and an expression of refusal to know yourself and your dark side. In a negative sense, a dream is an expression of disrespect towards another person and sometimes also towards oneself. A nickname is a description of the dreamer's character or an attempt to establish contact with others by finding shortcuts.
    If you dream that someone is addressing you using a nickname, it is a sign that a certain person is unable to directly ask you for help. Perhaps you should look around you and try to see what you cannot see with the naked eye.
    When you address someone using a nickname, the dream is an expression of high self-confidence and lack of inhibitions towards certain people around you.
    An ugly nickname is a sign that if you don't start looking at your life long-term and more perspective, you'll lose the sympathy of your surroundings forever.
    A beautiful nickname usually signifies that you will win.
    If you don't like your nickname, it means that you can't fully accept yourself, want to be a different person, or don't want to come to terms with what other people think of you.
    A familiar nickname in dreams generally announces that you will soon learn the art of compromise.

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