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Angel wings in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Angel wings in dreams are a symbol of healing, rest and an act of kind gestures. They are a message that it is worth sharing with others because for this reason you can achieve joy and happiness in life. Dream is also an invitation to lead a peaceful life and a harbinger of improved health. In a negative sense, faworki in dreams can also be a warning against illusory happiness.
    Making angel wings in a dream portends joyful moments spent in your immediate surroundings and calming down your embarrassing and tense feelings and emotions.
    If you dream that you are eating angel wings, then it means that you will receive an invitation to a meeting where you will have fun.
    Stiff angel wings in dreams is a sign that you will come across reluctant people who will not let you break through a certain clique and rise to social heights.
    When you have failed the angel wings, it is usually a sign that you will unknowingly harm someone and will be punished for it. And while you won't have bad intentions, your actions will have much to be desired.
    When you dream that you are offering someone a angel wings, it means that you will share your reflection on a certain topic with your loved ones and you will do well.

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