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Alley in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream in which you see an alley means that in some matter you have limited possibilities and even if you try hard, your actions will be doomed to failure in advance. The alley represents problems and situations that are beyond your reach, and also indicates domestic and social responsibilities that will distract you from your goals.
    If you dream that you are seeing an alley, it is a sign that in the near future you will have only worries, nothing will go as you would like it to.
    A dead end in a dream means that someone will drag you into a matter from which you should stay away.
    A dream in which you are in an alley may mean that someone will be plotting behind your back, and instead of avoiding your tormentors, you will begin to confide in them more and more.
    A dark alley in a dream shows that you have missed an important chance in life or that your reputation is threatened by envious people.
    If you dream that you are in an alley from which there is no return, it is a sign that hiding in someone else shadow will not make you suddenly start dealing cards, if you want to play a leading role in life, you need to start working more efficiently.
    When in a dream someone attacks you in it, it means that you will once again believe in the empty promises of a man who does not wish you the best.

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