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Alcoholic in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The dream of an alcoholic is most often an expression of concern for your own life, which has recently lost its meaning or changed its course completely. Perhaps you have made a mistake recently. Make decisions or spend your savings on things that you do not need for anything. Sleep very often also foreshadows radical changes in life or inevitable defeat. An alcoholic appearing in a dream may also emphasize the dreamer's lack of strong will or his too submissive character.
    sight of an alcoholic - is an expression of sadness and concern for your own fate, which sometimes likes to play tricks
    if you are an alcoholic in a dream - watch out because because of a certain person you can go to the bottom, also remember not to make the same mistakes twice
    seeing an alcoholic - is a warning not to succumb to other people and always believe in your own strength
    anonymous alcoholic - means willingness to fight for things that are not yet completely lost.
    if you unsuccessfully try to get out of addiction - it is a sign that you should solve your problems on time, because after a certain in time they will come back to you with redoubled strength
    recovery from the alcohol addiction - is an announcement that in some matter you will suffer a devastating defeat, but after some time you will rise with triumph and change your life into better.

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