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Monastery in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

A monastery most often in a dream means the need to discover yourself; it is a time for self reflection and getting to know yourself. Sleep can also reflect with you, so as not to close yourself too much to other people in order to follow your own voice only. Alternatively, the monastery symbolizes the absence of sexual problems.

Meaning of Dreams About Monastery

Seeing the monastery in a dream means that you are looking for inner harmony and spiritual order. There is a great chance that you will soon find what you are looking for and that bliss will be with you constantly.

Entering a monastery suggests that you do not take into account the opinions of those close to you. Alternatively, such a dream means that fate will be on your side in the near future.

The abandoned monastery symbolizes despair and new worries. There is a great chance that the new difficulties will disturb you or make you have to change your plans for the future.

A nunnery in a dream suggests that a certain person will try to deceive you. Consider whether someone around you has been softening up to you recently, and what intentions they may have in connection with this.

Praying in a monastery reflects your innate modesty and honesty. You are the kind of person who prefers to listen and brag about yourself. You believe that the most important thing in life is actions, not words.

A monastery on a hill suggests that you should either deal with pent-up aggression or be more affectionate with your loved ones. Perhaps you have recently neglected them or have distanced yourself from them.

Hiding in a monastery suggests that you are regretting some of your actions. You may have hurt or offended someone in some way and now you don't know how to apologize to that person. Your pride keeps you from being repentant.

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