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    The acupuncture dream may indicate that you are currently going through the process of regeneration and renewal, or that you are trying to redirect your energy to a different plane than before. balance in life, you will be able to focus on your own health.
    use of acupuncture - anger and hatred that have been gradually building up in you will soon pass
    painful acupuncture - you will doubt your friend's loyalty
    acupuncture for back pain - someone will give you very reasonable advice
    if you can see to someone - you will finally accept a certain situation in your life, thanks to which you will overcome your fears
    ineffective acupuncture - it is a sign that you need to believe in yourself and your the ability to survive in harsh conditions
    pleasant acupuncture - announces that you will soon participate in a pleasant event
    acupuncturist view - means that you will start looking for someone who will help you through a difficult period in your life and heal you from a broken heart
    cure the disease with acupuncture - this usually indicates that you may encounter minor problems that will prevent you from achieving success in life
    fear of acupuncture - it is a sign that you will forgive yourself your mistakes and forget about your difficult past.

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