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    Ditch in a dream predicts dangerous situations in the near future. It is a symbol of unexpected difficulties, especially financial ones. If you want to move forward in life, you will have to leave your luggage behind you An emotional situation that prevents you from making the right decisions You will face a delicate situation that will require immediate action and will have a big impact on your future In business, the dream of a ditch is a financial failure.
    see the ditch - something bad will happen to you that will leave a mark on your life for a long time
    jump across the ditch - someone will set a tricky trap for you
    ditch filled with clean water - you will overcome current problems and your financial situation will improve significantly
    ditch filled with cloudy water - unpleasant events in life await you
    clear the ditch - sleep promises only successes and life pleasures
    fall into the ditch - if you continue to walk on uncertain paths in life you can expect suffering
    swimming or bathing in a ditch - a sign that your romantic life can suddenly get complicated
    cross the ditch - you should be careful about how you deal with other people because you may find yourself in a difficult situation
    dig a trench - you will need new inspiration in your life to have enough motivation to act again, sleep can also mean guilt
    if the water in the ditch stops flowing - you get someone's feelings badly
    long ditch - a dream means marriage outside the country
    shallow trench - you can deal with a complicated matter that will make you unpleasant
    deep trench - do not count on success in any endeavors
    see the ditch with the footbridge - you will come across a cheater and through your own naivety you will suffer unforeseen losses
    fall into him - you lose your appreciation or fight your prejudices.

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