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    An abbot in a dream most often means that someone has control over you or that you are doing things that you do not necessarily want or that make you feel constrained. also mean that you may experience many obstacles and difficulties on the way to success. The abbot is a symbol of spirituality, peace and freedom from anxiety.
    abbey ruins - in a time of crisis, do not break down, because help for you will always be around the corner
    if you are the abbot - your efforts will soon be rewarded by fate, remember that hard work always pays off
    false abbot - heralds that you will be deceived by tender words to a person who has long been disguised and has a second face
    conversation with the abbot - announces that a certain person will pay you an outstanding debt of gratitude, you will be very pleasantly surprised by it
    if you confide in the abbot - your immediate surroundings will be delighted with your actions and you will feel a greater strength to act
    a quarrel with the abbot means that - you will receive many unexpected news in the near future, each the next one will be more stormy than the previous one.
    deceased abbot - a sign that sorrows and troubles will be mixed with moments of joy, luckily the latter will be much more.

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