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    A dream about writing is an important message that we want to convey to the world. This message is usually a reflection of our true feelings and desires. By writing, we have a unique opportunity in a dream to show your true face and revealing thoughts that cannot be expressed in words.
    write yourself - do not take people's word for it, it can end badly for you
    see a writer you know - you should get some good news soon
    see a stranger busy writing - you will start lonely in your life
    write with a pen - in some situation you will show great courage
    see someone writing something - do not get involved in certain things, preferably not at all forget about them, you can only get in trouble
    if you make a lot of mistakes while typing - you will break up
    write in the air - sleep means a connection between the spiritual and physical spheres; maybe you are looking for encouragement and consolation in someone
    write on paper with a pencil - your future with a certain man is painted in colorful colors
    typing - a quarrel with a friend awaits you
    watch someone write something - your unwise behavior will expose you to criticism, which may turn out to be painful for you in the consequences
    write a book - a dream foreshadows an exciting love adventure
    write a letter - watch out, because you can get into a lot of trouble
    write nonsense - nothing will come out of your plans.

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