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Witcher in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

The witcher in dreams is a sign of horror, uncertainty, fear and constant struggle. He is a synonym of courage and bravery as well as a brave attitude, and very often he also represents a hero who defends the weak and innocent. The dream of a witcher is a sign of a lonely journey through distant and unknown horizons, where evil lurks and the help of friends and relatives cannot be counted on.

What does it mean to dream about the WITCHER?

If you dream that you are a witcher, it means that in pursuit of happiness you will win a fight that was once doomed to failure. You will be faced with making an important decision about whether or not it is worthwhile to pursue your life alone without proper support and help.

Seeing a witcher in a dream tells you that you will soon defeat your invisible enemy who threatens you and your loved ones with his actions.

If in your dream you see a witcher fighting a monster, then it is a sign that you will save your friend from troubles at the last possible moment, for which he will be eternally grateful to you.

The dead witcher, according to the knowledge from the dream book, is an announcement that you will reveal secret knowledge to an irresponsible person who will not be on your side at an important moment in your life.

The conversation with the witcher is, according to the dream book, an announcement of support that you will receive from people who transmit on the same wavelength as you, in other words, you will find people who are similar to you.

If you dream that you see the witcher's sword, then you can expect that you will strengthen your weaknesses or that you will feel the power needed to fight for your own existence on a daily basis.

The witcher's disfigured face means that others will judge you as a very mysterious and mysterious person, this type of dream also foreshadows a life in solitude.

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