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Windbreak in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A windbreak in dreams is an expression of protection against unfavorable conditions around the dreamer. It symbolizes isolation, freedom, distance and the desire for intimacy. Sometimes it is also a sign of putting up a strong barrier that is not easy to overcome. Exceeding it is possible only in the case of building greater intimacy and gaining self-confidence and a sense of belonging to a given community.
    A windbreak placed on the beach is a dream sign of a sense of comfort and security, it bodes that all tensions will disappear and the current life situation will stabilize.
    A torn windbreak in a dream, the fear of bonding with a person who is close to you, is a symbol of lost hopes and the loss of cheerfulness and life peace.
    If the windbreak is too small and you cannot hide behind it, then you will find yourself on a dangerous road, but with the help of your friend you will solve your problem and happily change your position for the better.
    A very high windbreak is a sign that despite strenuous efforts due to the blocked sphere of feelings, certain people will not be able to get close to you. Be careful, you may regret it someday, but it may be too late to rebuild your relationship.
    If you cannot put up a windbreak, it means that you dream about someone providing you with a sense of security, you want love, mutual warmth and appreciation for your own actions.
    When you change behind a windbreak, a dream means that you deserve a rest, thanks to which you will quickly get rid of your worries and forget about what is bothering you.
    If someone tries to see you behind a windbreak, it is a sign that in unfavorable circumstances a certain person will try to break you, luckily you will not give up and thanks to persistence and hard work you will stand up for your principles and you will win.

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