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Wild strawberries

    wild strawberries in a dream testify to prosperity and a successful relationship. dealing.
    view of wild strawberries - you will become open to new experiences and ideas, it is likely that discovering new paths will bring you the best results
    eating wild strawberries - soon you will welcome a new family member
    ripe strawberries - thanks to the work you do, you won't have to worry about your future
    picking wild strawberries - you will meet an important person who will have an impact on your life; perhaps it will be your life partner
    flowering wild strawberries - they indicate the blooming of new feelings
    sweet, covered with chocolate or whipped cream - a sign that in the future you will succumb to unexpected temptation
    moldy or rotten wild strawberries - everything you touch now will be doomed to failure, sleep may alternatively be a suggestion that your efforts are not fully appreciated by others
    large - indicate the dreamer's dominant personality.

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