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    The dream of war means the disorder and chaos that accompanies us in our daily lives. It symbolizes constant struggle and conflicts. Perhaps you feel that some part of your life is at risk. War can also reflect an internal conflict, a tear between one's own feelings, goals and beliefs. Usually it symbolizes fear and loss of control. This type of dream usually has a very personal meaning for the dreamer, especially if he took part in a war or suffered some loss through it. War should also be associated with the courage and honor of the people taking part in it, as well as their personal struggle for freedom.
    If you see war in a dream, it is a sign that you will experience great disappointment in your life.
    Finding yourself on the battlefield during the war means that you will enter into an unnecessary dispute, which in the long run may turn into a long-term conflict.
    A lost war in a dream means that you lack assertiveness in your life, as well as the will and energy to fight for a better existence, only going beyond your comfort zone can lead to the improvement of the current situation.
    When you dream that you are in a war, it is a sign that the joy of work will soon bring you a sense of satisfaction with your life.
    The dream of a damaged and worn out weapon during the war shows that after a turbulent period in your life, there will be a blissful peace.
    If you read in the media about the impending war, then a dream foreshadows a series of misfortunes that will befall you.
    When you dream of a bloody war, it is an announcement that you will face a period of life filled with many worries and anxieties.
    The Arms of War dream sends a message that in order to regain balance in your life, you must first accept your weaknesses.
    If you dream that you are being captured by the enemy during the war, it is a harbinger of conflicts, quarrels or disputes with the authorities, the dream may also herald that your rivals will cause you considerable losses.
    When you dream that you or someone close to you goes to war, it proves that this is the best time to repair your shaky relationships with your loved ones. Dream is a warning against unnecessary conflicts in the family.
    World war is usually a prophetic dream, which may foreshadow a real war or an internal spiritual shock.
    A dream about a religious war is a sign of unnecessary emotional tensions in your environment, better do your best to bring peace, otherwise your life will change for the worse.
    Fear of war indicates a feeling of losing control over your own life or a deterioration in mutual relations with someone from your immediate vicinity.
    If someone close to you dies during the war, it is a harbinger of a new stage in life that will come after a long period of carrying heavy burdens and filled with anger and many hardships.

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