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Walrus in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A walrus that appears in a dream usually has a pleasant overtone due to the fact that as an animal it is very funny by nature. dream sometimes indicates a need to let go of a certain matter and allow someone else to take control of an area of ​​one's life. A walrus in a dream may portend a journey, social gatherings or emotional turmoil in the dreamer's life.
    If you are a walrus, then a dream may indicate your tremendous inner strength and power. Over time, you may also find yourself pushing people away because of a fear of not being accepted.
    If a walrus attacks you, then a dream tells that someone will take away your power, will and energy to act.
    When you dream that a walrus is lying on a sheet of ice, then it means that someone will put pressure on you because they want to dominate you.

When you see a walrus in the water

    A walrus in water is an expression of fear of loneliness in a dream. You should be careful not to become too independent, because then you will lose the ability to socialize and at the same time close the way to your heart for other people who want to be close to you.

A dream about talking to a walrus

    Talking to a walrus sends a message in a dream that you need help with social issues, are afraid to talk to others, or have difficulty expressing yourself. Undeniably, it is time to take off your mask and stay true to your own ideals. Remember that there are people around you who share a similar point of view and thanks to them you can feel safe.

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