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    A wallet in a dream symbolizes a sense of financial security and a willingness to continue living. Moreover, it reflects our own personality.
    own - you will find a dialogue with the person who always opposed you
    stolen wallet - you should be careful because someone will want to use you
    lose your wallet - you feel embarrassed in some way, it may be due to, for example, low social position or low self-esteem
    dirty or torn - you are concerned that someone around you may discover your secret; a dream may also suggest that you should be more responsible when it comes to planning your own expenses
    find - someone will reveal a long-hidden secret to you
    find with money - you want to lead a comfortable life, preferably at someone else's expense, remember, however, that it is practically impossible and in most cases banned and unethical
    empty wallet - it is usually a bad sign of financial problems, but sometimes it can also be a positive impulse for development personal
    full wallet - this is a positive sign of financial stability, if in real life you are worried about money, this dream ensures that you will get the appropriate financial assistance or the necessary loan if only you ask for it.

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