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Wagon in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream about a wagon means that we need more discipline in our life.
    to have an accident in it - your financial situation will require prudence, so better avoid spending
    if it capsizes or falls off the track - fate will generously reward you for your efforts
    go there with the whole family - a dream testifies to the inevitability of the changes that await you
    empty - you will do some hard work in vain
    full - let others decide for you on a certain issue
    restaurant - you will benefit greatly from a long journey
    freight - you will ensure your financial security
    personal - you will devote yourself to someone
    bedroom - you will get rich at someone else's expense
    with coal - there will be times when you will barely make ends meet
    with gold - there will be a chance to multiply your assets
    wagon for transporting animals - you will reach your goals slowly but gradually.

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