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Vision in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The vision that appears in dreams is a symbol of human ideas and thoughts. It usually shows the way we visualize our lives, and is also a variety of mental images created by our own imaginations. Sleep represents a mind free from all constraints, which can wander freely without hindrance or inhibition. Dark visions are a manifestation of evil plans that your enemies have towards you, so you should be careful with yourself and your loved ones in order to minimize the danger that may threaten you.
    If the vision is in the past, then a dream is a sign that you should close all the things you have started so that they don't drag on forever.
    A dream about visions about home and family is an expression of concern for loved ones who still give rise to stress and life disharmony.
    The dream of a vision of the end of the world foreshadows a period in which you will be able to take advantage of many interesting opportunities.
    The vision of a past life is a manifestation of a desire to return to very distant times in the past, which could give you answers to many questions that bother you.
    The dream of a prophetic vision is a harbinger of impending troubles, including love dilemmas and regret for one's own harm.
    When you dream that you have a vision about your ancestors, it is a sign that you have doubts about what decision you should make in an important matter for you.
    When you dream of a vision of the end of the world, it is a sign that you still have a lot to do in your life before you decide to take a longer rest or a break from everyday duties and activities.
    A television with a vision without audio is usually an expression of exhaustion resulting from the excess of duties and a way to react.

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