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Trap in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Trap in a dream may be a sign of desperate clinging to old habits and acquaintances. It may also be a sign of the monotonous life you lead and the limitations of your work , career, health or relationship.
    trap view - heralds that you will face risky decisions in life
    being trapped - it's a sign that you live under constant pressure that affects your emotions
    freeing yourself from the trap - it is a prediction that your situation will finally improve
    trapping someone - announces that you will become a victim of abuse or some kind of injustice
    pawning them - means that you intend to deal very shamefully with someone way
    break the trap - means that you will finally accept the consequences of your actions.
    trap for flies - you will become the target of a schemed plot
    trap full of flies - you will find yourself in an embarrassing situation
    mousetrap - someone has been using you for a long time
    rat trap - a dream warns you of a possible attack or theft
    broken - you will end a not very successful relationship
    empty - you will be able to defend yourself from slander
    set a trap - you will learn the intentions of your opponents, thanks to which you will be able to thwart their plans.

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