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Tincture in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Tincture in a dream is a symbol of relaxation, refreshment and satisfaction with worldly goods. It sends a message that a certain enormous force will make you do a lot of work in cooperation with people who wish you well. The tincture, like any alcohol, is also a symbol of addiction, which can be understood literally or figuratively, e.g. addiction to the place or people with whom we deal every day.
    Drinking a tincture with someone bodes happiness in love and in plans to shape a common future with a partner, it is a sign of loyalty in feelings, and sometimes it also foreshadows an imminent marriage.
    The dream of drunkenness with tincture is a warning against making friends with people of light morals, it is also a harbinger of unpleasantness in matters that have so far been smooth and successful.
    If you dream of a spilled tincture, it is a sign that the next social meeting with a group of close people that you have planned for so long will end badly or will not take place at all.
    When you make a tincture in a dream, then you will have a lot to offer others, you will pave the way to quickly achieve your hidden goals, and make new and very beneficial acquaintances.
    Fruit tincture with a lot of alcohol is a harbinger of courageous actions, entrepreneurship and material success. Sleep is also a warning to watch out for your health.
    Dreaming of drinking the tincture alone is a sign that you will start having trouble communicating with other people, false counselors may make you choose solitude that will make you unable to enjoy life.

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