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Television in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Television appearing in a dream is an expression of joy due to a permanent connection and contact with the world around us.
    watch TV - a dream shows which path your fate will go; pay attention to the TV program you are watching, because it is of great importance in interpreting the dream
    watching TV on TV that is boring - if you let someone manipulate you, you won't survive the disputes that will arise in your future
    appear on a TV show - you pay too much attention to your own appearance
    to see the TV turned off - a dream represents a situation from which you can gain something if only you get the courage in time
    work on TV - you will arouse admiration all those who did not believe in your achievements
    watch the travel program on TV - you are afraid to go beyond doorstep of your own home, instead of bravely traversing the world, you usually choose another, safer way.

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