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Table top in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A dream about table top is a harbinger of work, the fruits of which will soon become your source of income. The tabletop seen in a dream is associated with joyful moments spent with the family and happy times. Usually it reflects wonderful family relationships. The dream interpretation explains that the table top is also a measure of our hospitality and home economy.
    Eating at the kitchen table top in your dreams means that you will be visited by a person with whom you feel great. You will also be able to count on the help that you will receive without major obstacles.
    If the table top is in the heart of the house, then a dream is a sign that you will renew an old relationship with a farther family member with whom you have lost contact.
    If you are sitting at the counter in a dream, it means that your interpersonal and professional abilities will soon be tested by someone.
    The worktop means in your dreams that you should live in harmony with your coworkers to give yourself the peace of mind you need.
    The stone countertop has a wide interpretation in dreams. If it is black, then there will be little trouble in your life. When it is white, the dream announces that you will have to leave the people who have recently appeared in your life. If you touch a stone countertop, it is a sign that you want to decorate your home at a high level, which you may not be fully satisfied with.
    According to the dream interpretation, a dusty table top is a sign of life chaos that should be put in order as soon as possible. Dream can also mean that you should return to what you enjoy in life.
    A wooden table top is an announcement in dreams that you will involve your friends in a certain task, because only in this way will you be able to achieve success as quickly as possible.

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