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    The swan in a dream symbolizes purity, sound and beauty. It is also a symbol of perfect love, wealth and prestige. Moreover, it encourages the dreamer to open up to spiritual development. each swan bird can also have a purely sexual meaning in a dream. Very often it carries a message that we can associate with our own experiences (after some time, an ugly little swan will grow into a beautiful and sumptuous bird that will be admired by the eyes of many beings).
    to see - a positive sign of happiness in love and good health
    flying swan - you can expect a raise or promotion
    see some swans - you will enjoy the quiet days of a beautiful life
    dead swan - you will be disappointed in love matters
    wounded swan - be careful when dealing with newly met people
    swan j ascending to flight from calm waters - positive energy pierces you
    swan swimming on the lake - an announcement of happiness in the family sphere
    scare him - you will have a difficult time in your life
    singing - your feelings are not mutual
    feed - you will meet someone who will be faithful to you until the end of your days
    play with a swan - your marriage may turn out to be full of regret and mutual grudge
    white swan - someone extremely unpleasant may turn out to be very good and honest; so do not judge people only by their appearance
    black swan - bodes you to worry about problems, quarrel with your partner or separation

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