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    The sunrise in a dream is seen as a representative of intellect and consciousness, it is also associated with energy, warmth, creativity and vitality. Seeing sunrise in a dream portends abundance, freedom and prosperity. A dark sunrise usually portends sadness, while the bright sun portends great joy. A sunrise view can also be a sign of hope for the future, especially if it is admirable. The early morning hours are the time to enjoy life. Often times, this time of day while you are asleep marks a difficult time in your life.
    A dream in which you see a beautiful sunrise means that you will achieve spectacular success in the project you are currently implementing, so do not give up your share in the distribution of rewards that you and others will receive for your effort.
    If you see more than one sunrise in a dream, it is a sign that there will be great joy around you that will make your life more joyfull.
    A dream in which the sun is behind the clouds during sunrise is a positive omen, because there will be a specter for more money. A dream is generally a harbinger of financial gain, but you will have to put in a lot of effort and work before you become rich.
    When you dream about sunrise, while the moon is still in the sky, it is a harbinger of problems, mainly in marriage.
    A red sunrise in a dream portends a great danger. On your way to happiness, there will be many obstacles in your life that you will be able to overcome quite quickly.
    A dark sunrise in a dream indicates good family and professional relationships. People will count on your help in the near future, especially at work. So you should be prepared for what you can and cannot do for your colleagues.
    A dream of sunrise reflected in the water foreshadows a long life. If in the water, apart from the sun, you also see your own reflection, then each subsequent day of your life will bring you closer to the realization of your dreams.
    If in a dream the sun is only partially covered by clouds during sunrise, it means that you will secure a small financial profit.
    If the sun enters into your home in a dream, it is a sign that you will soon be enjoying the profits and all kinds of benefits. However, you should be careful what you say, because everything you say can be turned against you out of jealousy.
    The sunrise darkened by fog in a dream means that you will manage to overcome your own weaknesses and once again prove your worth to others.

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