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Storage battery in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The storage battery in your sleep is an announcement that you will be successful in life and maybe even get rich. Sleep is also a reminder that inner vigor and energy are needed to action for every human being.
    view of the storage battery - heralds that you will finally have a little rest and return to your former strength
    if you try but cannot charge it - it is a sign that without enthusiasm for work you will not achieve much, the most important thing is to want
    discharged - sleep suggests that you are emotionally exhausted
    a charged storage battery - a sign that you will soon be bursting with energy and enthusiasm for work
    if you are landing the storage battery - slow down a bit, because you will fall down running out
    buying a battery - suggests that if you are planning big changes in your life, better prepare for them, it is not worth it after all, experience too much shock.

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