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    It is a symbol of gaining new experiences and an expression of the desire to take up new challenges in life.
    if you see the singer - you can expect an interesting adventure.
    spending time with the vocalist - heralds that in the near future you will take on many new challenges at the same time
    the band's vocalist rock - your negative emotions will finally find an outlet
    a famous singer - it means that you will achieve great success in life, which will be paid for with hard work, you start to pave the paths for others and limit them in what they do
    meeting with the singer - means that you will have a pleasant surprise in your life
    if the singer leaves the band - it's a sign that it's time to give way to others
    listening to the singer singing - it tells you that you will distance yourself from difficult matters and you will find the answer to the solution of many complexities that you have long been unable to deal with
    if the singer is out of tune - you will face a lot of trouble because of a jealous man
    a singer with a beautiful voice - means that you will have a new hope that will change your reality forever
    if he sings at your wedding - you can expect a lot of joy moments
    if you fall in love with a vocalist - in your life you are too often driven by emotions

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