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    A shovel in a dream means searching for knowledge on certain uncomfortable topics, due to which we are not always well received by the environment. A shovel is also a symbol of intellect and work.
    the dream of digging with a shovel in order to find a treasure in women - indicates a desire for better self-discovery
    for men digging in the ground - represents conquest sexual
    see the shovel - it will be hard to find people who understand your goals
    damaged shovel - frustration caused by work
    dig with a shovel - you will succumb to the pressure of the environment
    huge shovel - new ideas will appear on the horizon
    dig a big hole with a small shovel - you will get far when you are more frugal
    dig a grave with a shovel - be careful not to regret your decisions later
    shovel the earth - great possibilities lie ahead of you.

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