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Secateurs in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The pruner in dreams is a sign of the need to cut off the problematic ties with comfortable, idle people living at the expense of the dreamer and also benefiting from his work. The dream interpretation says that a pruner in dreams is a sign of the desire to separate the grain from the chaff, to get rid of what is unnecessary in life and to preserve the beauty of the smallest elements of your existence in its entirety.

The meaning of dream - SECATEURS

    If you dream that you see a secateurs, it means that you appreciate everything beautiful and natural in life. You do not approve of artificial and meaningless attitudes of people inherent in everyday idleness and stagnation.
    If you are holding a secateurs in your hand, in a dream it is an announcement of the implementation of new orders, thanks to which you will consolidate that living according to the current rules in any form makes sense.
    Buying a secateurs is a sign that your life will change a lot, you will also make construction plans, perhaps it is about renovating, buying or building a house, or simply cleaning the area.
    A broken, dirty or broken secateurs can tell you that you will not be able to complete the planned matters, your actions will come to nothing and the work that has not been done will still stand still.
    According to the dream book, a few secateurs in dreams is a sign that you will have an unexpected change of plans, thanks to which you will make progress at work and start to stand out from the guilty ones.
    If you sharpen the secateurs, dream is a warning against the tense atmosphere and the escalation of unnecessary problems between the dreamer and his surroundings.

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