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Saw in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The saw in a dream symbolizes jealousy, anger and a strong aversion to the environment. In some cases, a dream can also foreshadow a derogatory and very arduous work. According to Freund, the saw is an erotic symbol.
    to see - a separation that will change your life for the better
    hear - you will get involved in a very profitable venture
    saw cut - you will get rid of the man who introduced a lot into your life confusion
    see how others work - the absence of a certain person will cause you a lot of loss
    find - you will suffer a severe loss, but you will succeed make up for it with interest
    chainsaw - there will be an opportunity in your life that you will not be allowed to pass by
    electric saw - thanks to the advice of a wise person you will quickly reach the hundredth problem and defeat your enemies
    chainsaw - the dream indicates some drastic an event in your life; you will achieve success, which will be quickly wasted
    saw with a blunt saw - you will not be able to defeat an unrepentant person and you will still be addicted to them
    manual - additional work awaits you, which you will do well
    rusty - luck will turn away from you.

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