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Rip in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

A dream in which you are ripping something is usually a harbinger of general anxiety, confusion, poverty and numerous dilemmas. The most common message is to beware of any advisors who will mock you and help you make the wrong choices in the meantime. Dream is a symbol of destruction and destruction that usually leads a person to extreme solutions.

If you are ripping something in your dream, it means that domestic disputes will not cease to give you peace, you will only feel relief when there is consent in your environment.

When someone else rips something, it is a sign that on your way you will meet a man who will tell you unpleasant news.

If you rip feathers, your hopes will pass quickly when you find yourself in an unpleasant situation. Be careful that eventually someone may lead you dangerously, then you will have no influence or power over what you are doing, and you will not be able to make simple choices yourself.

When you dream that you are ripping a paper, an unnecessary storm will unleash in your environment, through which you will destroy your relationships with important people who have been very helpful to you so far.

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