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    A reverend in a dream symbolizes spiritual needs, a sense of morality and religious beliefs. He is a symbol of purity, abstinence, it is associated with the search for new guidelines in life, he is also a symbol of sexual.
    see him - the needed help will come from an unexpected side
    in the cassock - you will cause your loved ones worries
    celebrating the service - something has been bothering you for a long time, soon your worries will pass away
    confess with him - the circumstances will start to stabilize the situation, which has been bad for a long time
    speaking from the pulpit - you have huge ambitions that you will not be able to achieve quickly
    receive him at home - you will be the life of the party, although probably not what you think
    begging reverend - the announcement of serious financial problems
    in a cassock - you will worry your loved ones
    nice and friendly - you will start implementing important plans at a fast pace
    to fall in love with him - such a dream generally warns that your partner is a person unscrupulous and unscrupulous
    smiling - you will find be the center of attention of people who will try to ridicule you
    angry - better avoid quarrels and listen to someone wise
    condemn him or see him despotic - sleep is associated with unwavering power and an overprotective character; perhaps you feel that there are no clear rules in your life and you are trying to change that.

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