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Receipt in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    A receipt in a dream is a sign of looking for someone in life who could make important decisions for us. It symbolizes discipline and honor. It may indicate that someone has been billed for his services, often announcing changes, sometimes it is also the result of life summaries.
    receipt view - it is a sign that someone will bill us for our previous actions
    receipt of the receipt - a sign that sooner or later someone will summarize your actions very sharply
    printing the receipt - it is a sign that you will start to dictate what to do to others, be careful in what you do, because you can make someone very angry
    not receiving a receipt - usually associated with a lack of trust in the person who is to perform an important task for you
    incorrect receipt - it means that you will get another chance in your life to repair what you broke in your past
    lost receipt - it may be a sign of a temporary confusion in your life or of fast changes that you no longer have control over
    tearing of the receipt - finally you will close a number of unfinished matters behind you
    throw it out - it suggests that you do not pay attention to expenses, it is better to start controlling them because it may turn out that in some moment you will be destitute.

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