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Quicksand in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Quicksand in a dream are a sign that you are walking on solid ground in your life, they indicate the need for stabilization and order. They are also very often equated with a trap that the dreamer can avoid if he behaves carefully. It is also worth mentioning that seeing quicksand in a dream can be an expression of life's uncertainty.
    If you are trapped in quicksand in a dream it indicates a sense of uncertainty in life, usually it indicates that you have misjudged the solid foundation, perhaps feeling too comfortable by mistake, or missing an important detail of a puzzle.
    If you managed to escape from quicksand in a dream, it is a sign that only persistent people will win the race against time, so instead of spreading panic, try to change your life for the better as soon as possible.
    When you avoid quicksand, then dream expresses a sense of helplessness in life, it also expresses the need to find creative solutions to difficult matters. So you should start to think outside the box and learn to ask for help from other people if necessary.
    When you save someone from quicksand in a dream, it is an announcement that you will set sail after you show intelligence and ingenuity in a certain matter.

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