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Quay in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    The quay in a dream is a strong sign that carries a lot of positive energy with it. It may mean taking a break or moving away from your busy daily schedule. The quay may also be an announcement of leaving old paths behind and starting new ones. Dream usually has a spiritual dimension, it is a sign of entering a higher level of life consciousness.
    If you are at the quay, it is a sign that you are about to enter a new phase of your life where most of your wishes will finally come true, and you will also have plenty of time to close unfinished things from the past. Dreaming of a beautiful waterfront promises a new beginning, it is a good time to start your next journey and get rid of old or negative things in your life.
    Dream of mooring at the quay is a signal of very stressful period in your life that will require a lot of patience and caution.
    When you walk along the quay, it is a sign that you will find yourself under a protective cloak made by a man who cares about you.
    If you stand on the quay and see the water, then the dream announces that you will rub against extreme feelings, but be careful not to offend other people's feelings, especially the feelings of your loved ones. Dream can also act as a warning against taking too many risky actions.
    Ships mooring on the quay portend the realization of life goals, they are also an expression of human desires, passions and sometimes also the pursuit of unrealistic dreams.

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