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Prostitute in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

A prostitute in a dream symbolizes problems with power and self-control. The dream in which you see her is also a warning to beware of a sneaky and malicious person. Perhaps someone in your immediate vicinity is only pretending to be your friend, but is really just waiting for an opportunity to use you for their own purposes.

The Symbolism and Meaning of Prostitute in a Dream

The view of a prostitute standing under a lantern reflects your suppressed emotions or feelings. This type of dream suggests that you should devote more time and energy to your own needs. Also think about how you feel in your own relationship, maybe not everything is as you would like it to be.

If you are a prostitute in a dream, it suggests that you should focus on your own goals and desires. Furthermore, such a dream may mean that you are faced with a moral dilemma regarding a decision that you will have to make. Everything will depend on how you will be perceived by others in the near future.

Using a prostitute suggests that you are brooding over a failed relationship. You have concerns whether you will make the same mistakes in the future, both in choosing a partner and in the relationship itself.

Talking to a prostitute portends a failure in the love sphere of your life. Your relationship will probably end soon. It will be related to a mutual lack of trust and too little commitment to the common future. Remember that compromises are the key to a successful relationship.

A dream of a quarrel with a prostitute shows your sense of superiority over others. You think too much of yourself. You believe that you are a smarter person, more morally than most people you meet. Of course, self-confidence is essential in the world today, but you need to know when to exercise moderation, because doing so will only alienate other people.

A dream about prostitutes arguing with each other warns against underestimating exhaustion and signals the need to rest. You've been working a lot lately, and now you feel overwhelmed with your daily chores. This is the best time to rest for a while and take a short vacation. Try to take care of yourself, because no one else will do it.

Kissing a prostitute or any other intimate relationship with her indicates sexual problems regarding your relationship with your partner. A common cause of such problems is simply lack of conversation or lack of communication. You must clearly define your needs and try to work out the best solution for your further relationship.

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