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Prime minister in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    prime minister in dreams has a similar meaning to the president and symbolizes absolute power and exclusive control. Our personal views on the prime minister himself may also be dominant.
    being prime minister - means that you should work on your interpersonal skills
    when your rival becomes prime minister - you are paralyzed by the fear of taking an important risk in life
    conversation with the prime minister - you will believe in the strength of the structure and system
    conversation with the prime minister from another country - you lack belonging to a certain social group
    quarrel with him - a new, interesting position will appear before you
    getting bury from him - means a loss of motivation to continue acting in life.
    gossiping about it - gives new prospects for additional earnings
    when you dream of becoming Prime Minister - you will set ambitious goals for yourself, you will finally believe in yourself and do everything to make your desires come true.

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