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    A predator in a dream symbolizes the need for inner cleansing in order to start a new life. It is a symbol of constant struggle and competition, it can also testify to the need to emphasize one's values ​​to other people, especially those who are weaker than themselves.
    when he chases you - better start avoiding all kinds of negative situations that may happen to you because the blame will fall on you and you will have to clean up your mess
    a predator on TV - a sign that you will start to worry about your future and the future of your loved ones
    catching a predator - means the need to acquire more physical fitness in life
    hunting predator - it is a harbinger of a period of uncertainty and fear in life, think about it, probably someone is constantly attacking you
    if you are a predator - your life will become more intense now than before
    being chased by him - bodes a retreat from the previous choices and makes big changes in life
    fighting predator - it's a sign that you will finally decide to fight your enemy
    many predators - means that you will start looking for consolation in the wrong place
    predator-robot - a certain career situation can take a heavy toll on you, so you need to be sure that your professional life is well-established and the choices you have made are right.

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