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    The dream about potatoes is a symbol of simplicity and laziness. It also encourages people to lead a more modest life and pay more attention to family matters.
    see - instead of solving your own problems in a proper way, you will start to advise everyone around you and spread the word about your problems
    collect - if you have held a grudge against someone so far, it's a good time to reach out to your consent as the first
    buy - a dream augurs a positive solution to matters important to you, especially if they are related to finances
    sell - you will set yourself ambitious goals and meticulously pursue them step by step
    choose - now you will be more economical
    see in the field on a sunny day - peace and harmony will come to your family; on a cloudy and rainy day - family quarrels and disputes
    eat - someone will take some weight off your shoulders, which does not mean that your help will not be appreciated
    puree - financial problems announcement
    boiled potatoes - save yourself from unpleasant duties
    baked - you will be faced with making a decision and succeed you make the right choice
    to see all in the sand - you are too lazy to take an initiative that will give you a chance for a better future
    sweet - you must learn to compromise in life, especially when it comes to a partnership relationship
    potatoes in a bag - sleep is not a positive sign as it portends stagnation in all business.

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