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Posy in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Posy in a dream is a sad symbol usually representing a farewell, bad news or a negative end to many things, honoring a beautiful past and a time that will never come back. A dream reminds you that everything in life has an end.
    to see the posy - after a long period of sadness the wind will chase away the clouds and the sun will finally shine above your head
    make a posy - you are preparing very slowly in your life for the arrival of a completely new period
    sell it - you will earn a lot of money thanks to the knowledge you have gained in the past
    buy - you will come to terms with a matter that has dragged on for a long time
    wedding bouquet - changes that you will introduce in your life in the future, they will give you a lot of satisfaction.
    buy for the funeral - you will say goodbye to the time that has passed, but will remain forever e he is in your memory.

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