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Post office

    Post office in a dream indicates the need to establish new relationships. Sleep is also very often associated with receiving messages that we have been waiting for a long time in life.
    to see - you will renew contacts with some important person from your past
    be at the post office - you will manage to solve all your current affairs
    work at the post office - you will try to stick to your own beliefs or you will want to connect with someone from your past
    send a package or letter - thanks to a bit courtesy you will achieve great things
    pick up the mail - organize your relations with the environment
    pay the bills at the post office - the dream bodes for imminent loss
    unable to purchase stamps at the post office - you do not have the appropriate tools to complete the project you are currently working on
    wait a long time - you will receive very valuable information that will allow you to solve an important matter for you
    no queues at the post office - some project will turn out to be easier than previously assumed
    see big queues at the post office - you will feel overwhelmed by your professional and personal life.

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