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Poppy seed cake in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Poppy seed cake appears in a dream is most often a symbol of hope and oblivion. It happens that people who dream about it feel longing in their hearts or return to the times with your past.
    if you see poppy seed cake - it means that old hopes will come back to you, which this time may come true
    if you eat poppy seed cake - you will feel a repentance in your heart that will allow you to forget about old misunderstandings with loved ones
    buying poppy seed cake - do not take the advice given by a stranger seriously, better guide use your own logic and reason
    baking poppy seed cake - usually announces the arrival of long-awaited guests
    cutting poppy seed cake - you will sit at one table with the enemy who will one day become your friend
    fresh poppy seed cake - heralds the coming of worse times, after which everything will change for the better, j if you only strive for it
    stale poppy seed - a sign that you will receive a message that will not please you at all
    white poppy seed cake - means that you will surprise someone with your hospitality and original approach to everyday life
    Christmas poppy seed cake - you will be appreciated by someone and maybe even receive public praise.

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