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Pizza in Your Dreams? What Does It Mean?

    Pizza in a dream represents life choices, abundance and variety, it also symbolizes dedication and commitment. You should be very careful as your need to enjoy life will soon depend on others.
    When you dream of eating pizza, it means in your dream that you feel that someone is depriving you of something essential in your life. Alternatively, the pizza in this case can have a similar meaning to the wheel.
    When you are baking a pizza in a dream, it means that you will invite friends who will give you a great idea that will bring you many profits.
    If you dream that you are eating pizza in a pizzeria, it is a sign that you feel very comfortable in life, that you are surrounded by love and warmth.
    Dreaming of slicing a pizza may be the end of the romantic relationship you are in or the one you want to be in.

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